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Is Destroy Depression a Scam ?

Is Destroy Depression a Scam ?

Have you asked yourself whether the books written by James Gordon from the UK are real? Whether he’s a scammer who only wants your money? Are his books giving you the solutions he outlines on his website? Are you looking for a review about his books from someone who’s tested and tried his books and methods? Well, you have found the answers to your questions on this page, because James is a real person who’s been through a lot. He experienced a lot around depression, treatment and antidepressants.

The only scammers are the pharmaeutical companies in the health industry pulling in tens of billions dollars for feeding craps to people just like you. Governments certainly don’t mind, as politicians get a lot of pocket change from their CEO and director friends in these companies to shut their mouths. That’s why you won’t hear about effective treatment that won’t cost you too much in the media.

The media is controlled by the rich and the rich gets their bank accounts multiplied by having masses of sufferers and feeding them with crap called antidepressants. There is no real money in curing them and you, but by just keeping you just barely alive, you become a cash cow in the eyes of the controllers. Oh, and they love to milk you all day long, did you know that?

I think this video uploaded by Roger Beacon on youtube explains what Destroy Depression can do for you in 2 and a half minutes.

The Destroy Depression Review

destroy depression reviewIf you have ever suffered from depression, you will know just how much of a debilitating situation it can be.

Everyday mundane tasks that you would generally do without thinking just simply seem pointless, actually, life can seem pointless.

The options designed for a depressed person right now for a remedy to the illness have become limited. Those who visit a physician (and the vast quantity of people with depression usually do not see a person at all), typically complain that they end up receiving is a couple of anti-depressents which only own a 1 in 3 chance of working (pretty much the same as a placebo) that make you feel like a zombie among other side effects.

Then, usually, you get given a bunch of other tablets to combat the side effects (including increased suicidal ideas), ranging from sleeping pills to vitamin supplements.

Once you have been given these prescription drugs, and only when you are lucky, afterward you face an extended wait to visit a councillor of some sort to share your feelings, thoughts and problems with. Not exactly an optimum course of action to take when a depressed person hardly ever wants to talk to someone about what is troubling them, let alone a stranger who is there to mess of their head.

I was in this example. I have been on anti-depressents for over 5 years without any change, actually, things were consistently getting worse.

My experience with consultants and doctors

About 3 years ago, I went to my local doctor (called General Practitioner or GP around here). The doctor’s office is not so far away from where I live. Just a 10 minute walk and a few corners to cut to get there. A cyclist almost hit me when stepping outside the house .. that wasn’t what  I needed at that point in my life.

Just the previous day, my mother had  died. I felt so bad, sad and lonely. It was like the whole world came down on me and I just wanted to disappear forever from sight. Lucky for me, some of my friends  persuaded me to visit a doctor. I was already taking antidepressants and they were driving me nuts, but I didn’t realise that at the time. I couldn’t sleep at nights and had thoughts of committing suicide.

I had to wait for hours to get called into the doctor’s office, as the little clinic were full of patients. The staff were so rude and unfriendly. It was my first time at that little clinic. So upon meetting the doctor, a middle-aged male from Pakistan with bolding hair and a rotten, foul smell, we had a little chat finally and we told him that I needed help.

He, instead of helping me first, told me his life story despite my former requests to keep the conversation to the topic, which became a monologue at some point, he simply sent me to see a local advisor from the local council called Muhammed Khan. I’ll never forget this person, he was the most unpleasant man I have ever met in my life.

Muhammed Khan was also from Pakistan, a zealous follower of Islam, with a strong hatred towards women. He had a terrible smell, even worse than that of the doctor. To cut the story short, he didn’t even listen to me. He kept ranting how weak women are and how they shouldn’t be allowed to do anything in life.

I suppose I don’t need to tell you that I never went back to him. He wanted me to charge $300 for that conversation which lasted just for 10 minutes. I didn’t pay. I wasn’t going to pay for the time of  a religious nut for making me feel worse.

Worth noting  that he had found out my address somehow and he even threatened me to take me to court. I didn’t even bother to respond to his mail. I suppose he realised the $300 wasn’t worth his heavenly time.

So I kept taking antidepressants for years to come and my life just didn’t change for the better. I had promised myself after visiting this horrible counsellor to never ever bother looking for health counselling – especially not those men from women-hater backgrounds.

Throughout the following years, I kept changing jobs every 3 to 5 months and kept taking more antidepressants. I felt during these years that life wasn’t getting me anywhere – that I was stuck in a pointless life with nothing to aim for.

The Turning Point in my Life

I discovered the Destroy Depression System one day while searching for answers and hesitantly bought it for $37. I downloaded it to my personal computer and followed it for the last 6 months.

The system is that good, I built this little website to talk about my experience with it.

The Destroy Depression System Review by Sarah Dukes

Author: James Gordon from the United Kingdom

Destroy Depression is compiled by James Gordon, a ex – sufferer of depression from the United Kingdom, who was simply unhappy with the procedure he was being given and offered by medical personnel to combat his depression and illness.

Apparently, he stopped ALL of his medication one day and began to search for answers on how to remedy himself of depression in a 100% normal way. He used all his free time to start researching all he could about depression and solutions for depression and stress, taking hundreds of pages of notes and information and changing things on the way until he had fully cured his depression.

3 years later, he put most of his findings into an eBook and the Destroy Depression System was created.

Inside the cover

The Destroy Depression System

destroy depression system

Upon ordering through the 100% protected Paypal payment method, you instantly obtain the Destroy Depression System, which is then downloaded to your personal computer or mobile device, so there is no 28 day waiting period for it to be delivered. You need Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader to read PDF files.
The system is split into 4 sections:

Destroy Depression main E-Book
    The Depression-Free Mediterranean Diet Book (Basically, a diet plan)
    CBT Workbook and Tools (An intro into Cognitive Behavioral Remedy)
    Goal-Setting Workshop
    Free Lifetime Upgrades

The primary E-Book is well organized and to the idea, in case a little on the small side. James will not waffle on about non-essential details, neither is it split up with hundreds of “success stories” which may be seen in other books of this ilk which are just designed to create a “buzz”.

While other products in the marketplace for depression concentrate on motivation and a far more technical tactic, the Destroy Depression technique is extra scientific, explaining why you are feeling depressed, why depression is becoming a massive problem when 30 years ago it hardly existed at all, what you can do about it and lots of interesting facts and numbers along the way.

James furthermore explains, in great fine detail, exactly how the mind processes views, how it chooses which information is certainly pertinent and which data to disregard, what fuels those thoughts, how exactly to break through the cycle of depression in a brilliantly insightful first step on cognitive behavioral treatment and use your diet, sunlight, exercise and a few other things to get hold of your thoughts, feelings and emotions which fuel your activities.

It is a fantastic written piece and really simplifies tips on how to regain control over all of your life and existence.

destroy depression

However, James has not written an A-Z guide. He actively encourages you to shape and tweak the system to achieve the goals you want. I really liked this approach, after all, each man and female is an individual and needs a person intend to suit them. I felt that adding my personal twists to his suggestions made the system a lot more suitable for my personal circumstances.
It explains to be your own private life coach also to take control over your life and mindset. This program is very straight-forward and will be achieved by anyone who suffers from depression of any kind, stress and anxiety. There are no hidden fees and as it is being sold through Paypal, it is 100% safe. James offers a no-quibble 60 day money back guarantee so it is 100% risk-free.
The CBT workbook and equipment is really a course designed to allow you to get really considering how the human brain is interperating incidents and what that can be done to challenge any harmful beliefs you have. This is the really important step. For me personally, it was the main element to the whole method and my guess could it will cure many people suffering from depression alone.The change in my own life since I started using this system are astounding.
There is also an additional eBook on your diet and how it affects your mood which is a real eye-opener for me. After reading it and considering my diet regime I realised precisely how badly I was dealing with my body and how exactly to rectify it. Since modifying to a far more Mediterranean diet I have also saved myself a lot of cash, because I used to eat lots and lots of junk food. But now I don’t go out to eat fish and chips anymore.
The goal-setting workshop subsequently really takes the training to a complete new level.
In the midst of my depression, I didn’t even want to get out of bed and could only see a bleak future. The goal setting workshop really helps to identify exactly what YOU want out of existence and how to build a plan to get you there.

The printable charts in the CBT eBook are a handy addition. They allow you to plan, keep track and to change and alter the course and the way you think depending on your outcomes. This together with the duration of free updates to the Destroy Depression System certainly are a welcome sight, you’ll always have the most recent version of the merchandise as so when any additions or alterations are made.

Great things about the Destroy Depression System

Easy to Understand
You can find no technical aspects of the course that will confuse even a novice to mental wellness. The scientific strategy is well explained and you will feel the effects on your body and mind within just a few short days of starting the program. It is well laid out and very simple to follow.
The extra bonuses such as the duration of updates, diet reserve and specially the CBT Workbook and Resources manual add great value to the merchandise as a whole.
Explains to be your personal Life Coach
This is not a straightforward ABC course. It’ll educate you on how to be your own boss and to be mindful of your thoughts and identify other areas of your life you are unhappy with, whilst furthermore giving you the strength required to change them. I know use the techniques that I learned from these ebooks to help a groups of teenagers at a local help center as a volunteer.
At only $37, the Destroy Depression System is much cheaper compared to the cost of one hour with an individual therapist.
There is  a 60 day, no problems asked money-back guarantee causeing this to be a no-risk investment.
Great Product for Men and women alike
Whatever your gender, race or history is, this book will be beneficial to you in your recovery from depression.

Weaknesses of the Destroy Depression System

Not for Everyone
If you expect to get depression-free of charge and live a joyful daily life without putting any energy in then this technique will not be for you personally. You’re going to need to follow the program and consider your daily life and put in plenty of effort, especially in order to alter thought designs, to see the results the system promises.
You MUST feel the need to get well.
The results are amazing though should you finish the course. It is designed to get you in tip-top mental condition and banish negativity that you experienced that’s fuelling your depression. It really is quite tough though, and you may ought to be challenging aspects of your daily life that you might find uncomfortable to get the best out of it.
The information on diet is sparse
Whilst there are guidelines on what type of foods you should eat and what to avoid, I felt and experienced this is the main area that James could have put with more information inside it – maybe even some dishes and recipes might have been added or perhaps a set weekly meals planner could have been useful.

Overall Thoughts on the Destroy Depression System


There is a lot of hype surrounding Destroy Depression at the moment, so does it live up to the hype?

The answer is definitely yes, in a resounding method. Should you follow the lessons and techniques written in the books, like me you will see amazing results and be on the road to success and happiness. Nevertheless, you will have to put serious effort in to see those results. Since the whole foundation of the course is to challenge beliefs that you may have had for decades, you will have to do some significant soul-searching and be 100% straightforward with yourself, which for a few is difficult.

I guess we all would like to take a pill that will magically transform us in to the happy, vibrant people most of us want to be, and never have to put not the minimum of energy in. Since that pill isn’t yet on the market and the success costs of antidepressant prescription drugs are hence appalling, the Destroy Depression program is, in my opinion, the next best thing.

I just found James Gordon to be the person to talk to about my depression, experience and negative thoughts. James offered a personalised advice to me via Skype. I’m sure he’d love to help you out. Just click this picture below to get to James’ website.

destroy depression by james gordon



I can’t recommend James Gordon and his Destroy Depression System enough. It has changed my life for the better and I’ve already recommended this system to my network of friends and to the local group of teenagers I volunteer for. They told me they loved these ebooks and couldn’t thank me enough for my help and recommendation. I wish you all the best in your recovery and in your life.

Kind Regards

Sarah Dukes