About me.. What shoud I really write here?

I am Sarah Dukes. I am from the United Kingdom and have lived in Ireland, England, the United States of Hotdog and have travelled to Europes’ several countries. I consider myself an addict to WordPress. I love this website and can see the possibilities of building posts and blogs of my interests on WordPress.

Learning wordpress has been a wonderful experience. In my teenage years, I used to date some boys. But had never enough luck with them. They only wanted the keys to Nirvana from the keyholders – as they called girls in my area.

I had gained lots of experience with different people of multiple cultures from travelling and living in so many places. New York, Los Angeles are all such wonderful cities. But they are so far from each other, making travelling back and forth a royal pain in wonderland. I really loved New York. The city is full of possiblities for entertainment and opportunities for those with eyes to see.

I  was depressed in the last 6 years for 5 years that I’ve explained on the main page. I took antidepressants as a solution for my bad luck. I was so wrong, now I know. These medicinations were so expensive – they didn’t work. I had thoughts of committing suicide every week. Only my friends kept in the loop of life. I’ve lost hope so many times.

But my life has turned for the better thanks for the internet, James Gordon and the Destroy Depression System. I think James deserves this website to be shared with other people – I believe more people need to be exposed to the Destroy Depression System, because it works and it helps those with the most severe needs.

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